Project Description

METEGHAN, N.S. – Everyone has to start somewhere.

Cedric Robicheau remembers the days when B.M.C. Seafoods Ltd. in Meteghan started out. It was 1995 and they were buying lobster from one boat.

“I had an old ’78 U-Haul truck. Every time the boat was coming in they had to wait for me to put my paint away because I wanted to paint the rust off the truck,” Robicheau, the company’s president and owner, said during an event at the company’s Meteghan location on Jan. 15.

Over time they kept adding to the company, gaining more boats to buy lobster from, while gaining more trust from fishermen, he said.

“After that, well, we needed to buy a piece of land. Over here on Water Street I had to buy out 22 bootleggers to make B.M.C.,” Robicheau said to laughter. Even funnier, he wasn’t joking.

Again over time the company continued to grow, he recalled, increasing the number of boats it purchased lobster from, expanding its workforce, and expanding its markets­ – from within Canada to the United States. And now it has more and more overseas markets on its radar.