Our Divisions

Connecting Live Quality Nova Scotia Lobster with Lobster Lovers All Over The World!

01. Air Freight

BMC Air Freight Division

Proudly shipping Quality Live Nova Scotia Lobster, to lobster lovers, diners, chefs, restaurants, hotels, and markets, all over the world.

Quality Canadian Lobster | From Trap to Table
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02. Crate Run

BMC Crate Run Division

We ship fresh lobster in 100 lb crates to destinations within the Maritimes and Northeastern United States.

Quality Canadian Lobster | From Trap to Table.
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03. Market & Take Out


On-site in Meteghan, Nova Scotia, and overlooking Canada’s best lobster harvesting regions in the heart of the live lobster export industry, you’ll find our Seafood Market & Take Out. We offer a large assortment of fresh and frozen seafood, along with a take-out menu of delicious foods to enjoy at our seaside location, or at any of the fine beaches found in the area.

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04. Bait Supply

BMC Bait Supply Division

We provide a large variety of fresh or frozen bait choices to local fishermen within the Maritimes, including Herring, Redfish Heads, Redfish Cuttings, Mackeral, and more.

Quality Bait | Delivered To Your Boat

To place a bait order, please telephone James at +1 902 778-2440




BMC Seafoods Ltd.
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Cedric Robicheau, President & CEO Cell: +1 902 769-7665

Seafood Market: +1 902 645-2718

Office: +1 902 645-2597



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